Our Story
Family Owned and Operated

I came to San Diego 23 years ago, and have been working in the restaurant industry ever since. Like many other immigrants, I started washing dishes and from there I moved up: pre-cook, line cook, chef's assistant. Then I left the kitchen and began to take other positions: busboy, waiter, bartender and manager. All those years has prepared me for this point where I can say that we know the industry very well, we know what people want and how they want it, the service they look for and the quality they demand. In addition to that, our culture and family tradition and love for good cuisine make the perfect combination so that Sorianos Pizzeria can offer its customers dishes of the highest quality but above all made with the love and dedication that characterizes us.


We believe that preserving our planet is the most important thing, so we use recyclable and multi-use containers to package food for take away. We also use local and organic ingredients whenever is possible.